Show Me Your Private Bytes

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'Symmetric' and 'asymmetric' encryption

Basic info

Show Me Your Private Bytes is the third and final episode in Decrypting Encryption, a series of short animations that focus on the encryption/decryption tool GNU Privacy Guard (GPG).

This episode explains what 'symmetric' and 'asymmetric' types of encryption are. It also looks at how you can verify the identity of the person you're writing to, by checking their public key and unique fingerprints. This series was produced by Tactical Technology Collective, and has been made possible by the LevelUp project.


Type: Animation
Topics: GPG, PGP, encryption, decryption, unique fingerprints, email
Use case: Presentations, workshops, trainings, tutorials, how-tos
Languages: English
Created by: Tactical Technology Collective / Klaas Diersmann

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