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Basic info

Conversations is an instant messaging application for Android. The app is an alternative to other messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and Threema. Conversations is not tied to a phone number but is an open source XMPP/Jabber client. When used with the Off-the-Record (OTR) protocol, it enables users to encrypt their instant messages to each other.


Tool type: Instant messaging client
Ease of use: Conversations is relatively easy to use, configure, maintain. Requires some practice and patience to troubleshoot.
Open source: Yes
Encryption support: Yes, Conversations supports the OTR protocol for encryption.
Benefits: Conversations enables users to use the OTR protocol for the encryption of their instant messages (end-to-end encryption and forward secrecy) and it also enables users to independently verify their correspondents' identities.
Limitations: Users need to buy the app via Google Play Store.
Independent code audit: "None that we know of"
Cost: Users can buy the app from Google Play Store
Languages: English
Compatibility: Android 4.0+
Developed by: Free software developer Daniel Gultsch. Other developers who contributed include Rene Treffer, Andreas Straub, Alethea Butler, M. Dietrich, betheg, Sam Whited and BrianBlade.
Version as of this writing: 1.10.1
Website: conversations

Last updated: 2 March 2016

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