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Browser add-on prevents third party tracking

Basic info

If you want to gain some control over your data while browsing the internet, installing Privacy Badger is a good way to start. The process is quick and easy and you can literally install this add-on to your browser within 2 minutes. Privacy Badger blocks third party trackers from the various webpages you visit by preventing your browser from loading content from tracking sources.


Tool type: Browser Add-on
Ease of use: Easy to install, configure, maintain and troubleshoot
Open source: Yes
Encryption support: Not applicable
Benefits: Privacy Badger is unique because it blocks all third party companies from tracking you when you access websites – especially those that do not require individual consent prior to their tracking activities.
Independent code audited: "None that we know of"
Cost: Free of charge
Language: English
Compatibility: Firefox and Chrome
Version as of this writing: Firefox 1.0.6, Chrome 2016.3.2
Developed by: Electronic Frontier Foundation
Website: Privacy Badger

Last updated: 3 December 2015

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