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Private and secure emails and hosting services

Basic info

Riseup is a collective dedicated to providing private and secure email and hosting services for individuals and organisations committed to political and social justice.


Tool type: Email service
Ease of use: As easy to use as any other email service.
Open source: Yes
Encryption support: Riseup encrypts all stored user data on their servers.
Benefits: Email confidentiality, security and privacy. Riseup does not make money out of users' data, does not log users' IP address (or any other information which can be used to uniquely identify your computer or determine your identity), does not share or disclose user data with any third parties and encrypts all stored user data.
Limitations: There is a threshold in opening a Riseup account. Users can request an account or get one through invites by people who are already using Riseup.
Independent code audit: "None that we know of"
Cost: Free of charge
Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and others.
Compatibility: All browsers
Developed by: An autonomous collective of developers and activists in Seattle and worldwide. Their purpose is “to aid in the creation of a free society, a world with freedom from want and freedom of expression, a world without oppression or hierarchy, where power is shared equally”.
Website: Riseup

Last updated: 07 March 2016

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