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Basic info

Posteo is an email, calendar and address book service which focuses on privacy and security. Emails are end-to-end encrypted and the service employs perfect forward secrecy. No personal information is required to sign-up and use the service.


Tool type: Email
Ease of use: As easy to use as any other email service.
Open Source: Yes, General Public License (version depends on the open source application used)
Encryption support: Yes, uses HTTPS and TLS for message transport, uses PGP for message exchange, LUKS for server storage security and other open standard and open source encryption technologies.
Benefits: Email confidentiality, security and privacy. Posteo supports two-factor authentication and encryption with OpenPGP. Optional address book and calendar encryption and synchronisation.
Independent code audit: "None that we know of"
Cost: Not free, subscription based for Euro 1.00 per month.
Languages: German, English
Compatibility: Works with any browser on computer and mobile. The end-to-end encryption in Posteo webmail is only available on Chrome and Firefox.
Developed by: Posteo Team
Version as of this writing: Not applicable

Last updated: 08 March 2016

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