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Explore your email traces

Basic info

Immersion is a tool that shows the history of your email life. Users can enter their email address and view their email exchanges and relationships over time in a visual graph.

"It’s about self-reflection, art, privacy and strategy. It’s about providing users with a number of different perspectives by leveraging on the fact that the web, and emails, are now an important part of our past."


Tool type: Web Platform
Ease of use: Easy. There is no installation or configuration required, either when looking at the example data, or entering your own email address to observe your history and connections.
Open Source: No, but perhaps it will be released in the future when it is further developed.
Encryption support: HTTPS
Benefits: Immersion informs users about the types of information that can be revealed about them based on the metadata of their email exchanges alone.
Limitations: The user gives the data to MIT to be visualized, when you log out you will be presented with a choice to save or delete your data, which contains your compressed email metadata and user profile. 
Independent code audit: "None that we know of"
Cost: Free
Language: English
Compatibility: Any browser on laptops or mobiles
Developed by: Daniel Smilkov, Deepak Jagdish, César Hidalgo of MIT Media Lab
Website: Immersion

Info last updated: 5 March 2016

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