Life of Balthasar Glättli

Visualisation of data retention in Switzerland

Basic info

This video provides a glimpse of the interactive visualisation "The Life of Balthazar Glättli Under Surveillance" by Open Data City. The project visualises the effect of the Swiss government's data retention policies, after Swiss National Councillor Balthasar Glättli (Green Party) voluntarily submitted some of his retained personal data from a six-month period.

This experiment shows us what commercial companies, intelligence services and law enforcement agencies call a "profile": a general image of a person's life. When does Balthasar Glättli sleep and work? Who is he meeting, and with whom does he regularly communicate? Where does he live and where can one meet him?


Type: Animation
Topics: Data retention, privacy, mobile phone data, profiling
What to use it for: Presentations, workshops or trainings
Language: English
Developed by: Open Data City
Video created by: Tactical Technology Collective / Klaas Diersmann

Info last updated: 2 March 2016


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