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Adblock Plus (ABP) is a browser extension that enables you to surf the web without invasive ads.

Basic info

Adblock Plus (ABP) enables you to surf the web without invasive ads. It blocks ads by default, making your web experience cleaner and more content focused. By using ABP features, you can disable tracking and protect your navigation from malware hidden in domains, banners, pop-ups and video advertisements. It also works on Youtube and Facebook, limiting the tracking of your social media activity. Only non-intrusive ads are allowed by default, but you can customise ABP to block them as well.


Tool type: Browser extension
Ease of use: Adblock Plus is easy to install, stable while in use and runs in the background.
Open source: Yes
Encryption: No
Increased privacy: Adblock Plus enables you to block third parties from tracking your online activity.
Limitations: In 2011, AdBlock Plus and Eyeo caused some consternation among its users when it introduced an "Acceptable Ads" program to allow "certain non-intrusive ads" (such as Google AdWords) to be allowed under the extension's default settings.
Mature and stable: Yes
Userbase: Yes
Independently audited: 
Cost: Free of charge.
Languages: Adblock Plus can be used in 15 different languages. 
Compatibility: Mozilla Firefox (including Firefox for mobile[11]), Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Yandex Browser and Android.
Made by: Eyeo GmbH (a German software development company)

Last updated: 10 February 2016

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