In addition to our Trackography team, many people from around the world have helped make this project possible.

Last Updated: 08 Sep 2015

Tactical Tech's Trackography team primarily worked on this project:

1. Claudio Agosti - Project lead and software developer

2. Maria Xynou - Researcher

3. Niko Para - Web developer

4. Fieke Jansen - Politics of Data lead

Additionally, many individuals from around the world have helped make Trackography possible.

Special thanks to the following individuals and organisations which contributed to this project:

  • Alisa Ruban (Centre UA)
  • Andrew Hilts
  • Anne Roth
  • Article19 staff
  • Ayaz Ahmed Khan
  • Bella Shakhmirza
  • Dalia Othman
  • Dr. Olumide Abimbola (Nigerians Talk)
  • Front Line Defenders
  • George Kargiotakis (Greek Research and Technology Network)
  • Gustavo Gus
  • Hanna Kreitem
  • Katie Kleemola
  • Marta G. Franco (Catorce)
  • Melanie Pinlac
  • Minimal
  • Mycelium
  • Niels ten Oever (Article19)
  • Nick Hargreaves
  • Nighat Dad (Digital Rights Foundation)
  • Pavlo Myronov
  • Rahma Muhammad Mian (Knight International Journalism Fellow)
  • Rona Even Merrill
  • Sasha Kinney
  • Snehashish Gosh
  • Syaldi Sahude
  • szaszak
  • Tareef Alateeq
  • University of Amsterdam students
  • Vannak Lach
  • Ximin Luo

Many thanks to all the anonymous activists around the world who contributed and who continue to contribute to this project.