Shadow Tracer's Kit

Mentionmapp creates a visualisation that shows which Twitter users publicly mention each other and what they tweet about.
NameGenWeb is a Facebook application that helps you to visualise your network of Facebook friends.
TOS;DR is a website and a browser add-on that rate and label website terms and privacy policies.
Lightbeam is a browser add-on that visualises the relationships between the sites you visit and the third party sites that are active on those pages.
TinEye is a search engine that helps you find out how and where pictures of you and others are being used online.
An interactive visualisation that shows you what information smartphone apps collect about you.
PrivacyChoice scores websites on a scale of 0 to 100 based on how they handle your personal data.
The iPhone Tracker shows you the information your iPhone is collecting about where you took it.
Discover who’s tracking you online.
Panopticlick shows you how easily your browser can be identified online.
Ghostery shows you who is invisibly following your steps across the web. You can individually block each ad network and other third party tracker interested in your activity with this browser add-on. It also gives you information about the companies behind the tracking mechanisms it detects.